About Me – Achieve Success With Jen


My name is Jen Ilonze and I’m an Outsourcing Strategist and Leadership Coach. After I had my 3rd daughter we made the decision for me to stay home with the kids. I left my corporate job in account management and ventured into the world of online entrepreneurship. I tried many different businesses, but it wasn’t until I went back to my roots that I found my true passion. 

You see, in my corporate job, I was a middle woman, I delegated tasks out, and managed the different moving parts to ensure that my clients were taken care of. I didn’t do it all myself, I delegated and relied on my team members to do what they do best. As an online entrepreneur I had been doing it all myself, whether I knew what I was doing or not! I had completely forgotten what it was like to work with a team. This one woman show wasn’t working for me, or my family and my husband quickly pointed it out. Something had to change….I wasn’t superwoman!

It was around that time that I looked into hiring a virtual assistant. Finally I could get some help in my business, freeing up my time for my family and to focus on growing my own business. Other entrepreneurial friends noticed that something had changed and were begging me to share what I was doing. In helping my friends also achieve time freedom by delegating tasks in their business, I soon found that this was a passion that I had and made it my mission to help other women step into the CEO role of their business, delegate with confidence and grow a wildly successful business without sacrificing all of their time.

As I saw my friends having more and more success with their own virtual teams, I knew that this was what I wanted to help others achieve. I work with ambitious female entrepreneurs who have reached the point in their business where they cannot continue as a one woman show, who are ready to grow their business without the 24/7 hustle, who want to delegate with confidence, who are ready to intentionally create a business that involves empowering others and who aren’t afraid of putting in the work to improve how they lead their team.

I believe that we can create a business by design that allows us to have massive impact without sacrificing everything that is important to us.

I believe that balance is possible and that life is meant to be lived in abundance. That we can have everything that we ever wanted including financial and time freedom.

I believe that when we focus on our zone of genius and empower others to focus on theirs we make the world a better place!

Are you ready?