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Outsourcing – Debunking its 3 myths

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There are a lot of different myths about outsourcing and today I’m going to debunk 3 of them! Let’s get started…

Outsourcing Myth no. 1: Why would I hire a Virtual Assistant when I can do it myself for free.

I hear this one a lot so if you were thinking this or you have heard this, you are not alone and chances are up until now you’ve been getting by on your own. You do everything on your own and you’re probably pretty used to being in a state where you are constantly busy. But here’s the truth, you can only sustain that for a short time. You have a ‘super mom mindset’.

This super mom mindset where you think that you’ve got to do it all — and it’s just not true. What ends up happening is that you burn out when it becomes too much. Often when you are just starting off you have this mindset. You might be thinking, “why would I hire someone? I’m doing it, I’m doing a great job, I don’t see the value in paying someone to do it for me” Here’s the truth: You can do it all yourself, for free, but my question to you is this. Is that the best use of your time? If you were able to free up some of your time, could you be making more? Could you be growing faster? Could you not be as stressed out or overwhelmed? That becomes the question.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is an investment in your business, when we invest in our business, we do so because we expect a return on our investment. Your return comes in the form of more time for you and also in a return in money.

Because when we have more time to focus on what is going to build our business, what is going to bring in money, then you know what? We end up making more money. 

I hear the next myth all the time…

Outsourcing Myth no. 2: You need to be making 6 figures before you should hire a Virtual Assistant.

Have you heard that before or is that one thing that you believe? Me, this was something that I believed. I believed that the only time you get a Virtual Assistant is when you made 6 figures a year. The funny thing is that if you want to get to 6 figures a year faster, you need to invest in a Virtual Assistant way before you get to that point. That should be part of your strategy in getting to 6 figures because you cannot do it all alone.

Do you have to wait until you hit 6 figures before you hire a VA? No way, you just don’t and in fact the best time to get a VA is when you are starting to grow.

Get a Virtual Assistant early on because that Virtual Assistant is going to grow with you and then when you really start doing the volume, they are going to be your right hand person and they’re going to be a lot more help to you because they’re going to know you, they’re going to be an extension of you. Sometimes people also think this because they can get really overwhelmed with the thought of bringing on a team member during their growth stage, mostly because of the cost. Let’s face it, if you are starting off in your business or if you’re just starting to grow, your budget is not going to be huge.

But here’s the scoop, Virtual Assistants do a variety of things, for variety of rates and for a variety of number of hrs a day. You don’t have to hire a full time VA right out of the gate. You can start with a smaller commitment and increase as you grow.

A lot of times we might see having a Virtual Assistant as a bit of a status symbol and we might feel like we’re not just there yet, you might be feeling ‘I’m just not where I thought I’d be’ or ‘I’m not good enough’. We might be telling ourselves all of these things that just aren’t true and because we feel like we need to reach a certain point to have a Virtual Assistant. This is a limiting belief and it is holding you back.

Have a growth strategy in place and make sure that a Virtual Assistant is part of that growth strategy so that you can achieve your goals a lot faster. Virtual Assistants are a smart business decision and you don’t need to have a huge budget to get one.

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Outsourcing Myth no. 3: You don’t have enough work to keep a Virtual Assistant busy.

Maybe you can relate? You might be thinking that you can’t hand certain tasks over because a Virtual Assistant can’t possibly do it better than you. You might be struggling with feeling like you can’t give up control. That it would be faster for you to just do it yourself. I know because these thoughts have crossed my mind.

This mindset shift is going to change everything for you. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it needs to be done.

Chances are everything isn’t getting done, it’s probably far from perfect and when we step back and really look at things we can see that there are things on the to-do list that we will never get to unless we get help.  You need to take a good look into the tasks that you do on a daily basis. Ask yourself:  Is this something that is making me money? Because if it’s not making you money, it’s pretty good chance that you shouldn’t be doing it. You need to focus on money making activities to grow your business.

So a lot of times we stand in our own way, and a lot of times we are so overwhelmed that we really can’t see all the little things that we do that we probably should be doing, because we are so overwhelmed and we’re in fact in reactionary mode. You may struggle with handing things off, but once you start you will realize that it was your fear talking, it isn’t so hard and truth be told, a Virtual Assistant is probably going to do it better than you!

The secret to successfully outsourcing is to slow down, take note of what it is that you’re doing, take note of things that you want to do and be able to get things off your plate. Come up with a strategy, hire a Virtual Assistant and get it done.

So if you have some of these beliefs and if you have heard some of these myths before, I hope that post has helped you to look at outsourcing a different way and see how useful it is in helping you achieve your goals.

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