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How Mompreneurs Can Let Go Of Supermom Syndrome


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Supermom Syndrome – maybe you know what I’m talking about, that feeling that we get when we have a child and we think that we need to do it all.


We need to be the Martha Stewart at home, with a clean house, hot home cooked meal for dinner….be the perfect mom, spending the day playing with our kids, teaching them the alphabet, colors and more and then add in building a business… and suddenly we need to be a kick ass entrepreneur as well.

It is A LOT…….

Of pressure.

supermom syndromeIt doesn’t help when we hop on social media and see other mompreneurs in our newsfeed who seem to have it all together, beautiful pictures of their “perfect” life. It’s HARD not to start comparing yourself to them. I know because that is what I did (and if I’m being really honest I still find myself falling into that trap if I’m not careful). I thought that I had to keep up, because if they could do it why couldn’t I? And I tried to….I did my absolute best around the house, tried to do all the mommy things and poured into building my online business

I didn’t realize it but I wasn’t doing a very good job at it… everyone around me could see what was happening….I was burning out.

I was exhausted, mentally and physically. I was resentful of everyone including my kids and my husband. 

Here’s what I didn’t realize – those “perfect” pictures I was seeing on social media, they weren’t the full story. I was trying to replicate something I didn’t have the full picture of. I had no idea if they were doing it all on their own or if they had help. I was setting an unrealistic expectation for myself based on an illusion of reality.

The only person expecting you to do it all is yourself.... give yourself some grace.

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Truth Time

You can’t do it all…there is only 24 hours in a day and you have to sleep! You might be able to start off doing it all but before long you will need to get some help. Here are  3 things that you can do to make it easier on yourself, in your life, family and your business.

Get help around the house

This can be as easy as having a talk with the members in your family. Asking for everyone to pitch in is an easy way to get all hands on deck and start lessening what falls on your shoulders around the home. If your children are old enough then having regular chores is a great idea. You can also take it a step further by hiring a house cleaner to come in, even if it’s on a bi-weekly basis. Lot’s of women may feel reluctant to do this but let’s face it, it really is an inexpensive way to take some tasks off your plate.

supermom syndrome


Kids at home while you are trying to work is a HUGE distraction! Getting childcare, even if only for a couple of hours a week can help take the weight off of you. You could look at daycare, hiring  someone to come into the home and watch the kids (I’m not a huge fan of this because it can still be extremely distracting) or even taking advantage of childcare provided at gyms, community programs, etc. Many mompreneurs are reluctant because they feel guilty having someone else watch their kids – truth be told your kids will probably love the change of scenery, the chance to play with other kids and you can enjoy quality time with them when they are at home! In my opinion this really is a win win for everyone!

Hire a virtual assistant

Hire a virtual assistant to help in your business. You don’t need to and even shouldn’t be doing everything in your business and a virtual assistant can help you with taking routine tasks off your plate, free up your time and allow you to really focus on the things in your business that make you money. While you might instantly think that you can’t afford a virtual assistant or that you don’t have enough to keep them busy, know that hiring a virtual assistant often costs less than what you might be thinking and even having someone take a couple of tasks off your shoulders will lighten your load immensely.

At the end of the day, You do not have to do it all, it’s a lot of pressure and while you may be able to handle it for a short period of time you will end up burning out. As a mompreneur burn out can be disastrous because we also have our family depending on us. The earlier that you learn to ask for and accept help the easier it will be!

supermom syndrome, free yourself


supermom syndrome

This does not mean you have failed - in fact this means that you are smart! You are not meant to do everything, because when that happens you likely aren't sharing your greatest talents with the world.

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