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Why You Need to Delegate in Your Network Marketing Business

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There is a perception in the network marketing industry that you need to do everything yourself. 

Some people make it sound like they are doing everything themselves, pushing the notion that you can build a massively successful business in just 30 minutes or 1 hour a day. This sets unrealistic expectations, especially for people starting out, but it sells a dream, a dream that people have about a freedom lifestyle, one where they aren’t chained to a desk but rather free to create life on their terms.

Everywhere you look there is talk about all the things that you need to be doing….FB Lives, biz page, groups, commenting, instagram, linkedin, the list goes on….

It’s a lot of pressure and before you know it you’ve gone down a rabbit hole trying to do what everyone is telling you is necessary, you’re feeling burnt out, overwhelmed and realizing that there is a lot more involved than you thought. It leaves you wondering if you are missing something….if there is a secret that no one is telling you.

Here’s the thing – any business that you do, NWM or something else requires work. For some reason, the network marketing profession likes to paint a picture that you need to be doing this all on your own, that you need to be a one woman show. This perception is causing a lot of really awesome people to burn out, feel like a failure and quit.

The thing is, when you look at leaders who are telling us all what to do, the secret sauce to building a thriving NWM biz, what you don’t see are the people helping them in the background. But they are there….trust me!

Once outsourcing hit my radar I started looking closer into the people who I was taking advice from, I started to see that they were only telling part of the truth. Now don’t get me wrong, they definitely do work themselves, but they are strategic in what they personally do. And for good reason.

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There are only so many hours in a day

delegation, network marketing businessEveryone has the same 24 hours in the day and to be successful, grow your business and start to create the lifestyle that you dream of the majority of your time needs to be focused on money making activities! You know, those activities that require you to connect with people, share your products and your opportunity, to make sales and sign up team members.

The other stuff is where most people hang out though. The activities such as creating fun meme’s, surfing the Facebook newsfeed, posting on Facebook. And it’s really not a surprise because those activities are fun, they think they have to do it, and the biggest reason being, they are avoiding getting out of their comfort zone. Because money is made outside of the comfort zone.

As an entrepreneur if you want to see any kind of success you need to embrace the idea of delegating those non-money making activities so that you can focus your time on the things that will actually grow your business. Not only will it force you out of your comfort zone it's going to increase your revenue.

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If you don’t embrace delegation you will burn out

delegation, network marketingLet’s face it, another less talked about topic among network marketers is burn out. This happens when you try to do it ALL on your own for an extended period of time. It isn’t sustainable, not only that, it really isn’t the lifestyle that many envision for themselves.

Many network marketers start off because they want to get out of their job, they want some side income or they are a stay at home parent looking to supplement the family income. They do not have 10+ hours a day to hustle their biz.

By embracing delegation you are able to leverage your time so that you actually spend less time in your business, more time on your business knowing that all the important routine things are being done for you.

You have the added responsibilities of leading a team

Network marketing is different from having your own business in that a component involves supporting a team of network marketers that are also building their business. This presents additional time constraints for business builders in that they have to juggle building their business with supporting their team. Often this juggling act cannot be balanced and difficult choices and sacrifices have to be made.

By delegating a lot of the administrative tasks you can support and manage your team to help that aspect of your business without sacrificing the time and energy required to build and service your customers. It’s a win-win and one of the best ways that you can grow your business quickly.

Learning to delegate and giving up the notion that you need to do it all yourself is one of the best things that you can do to create the freedom that you envisioned when you entered the network marketing industry. A lot of the activities that need to be done to maintain and grow your business can be outsourced to a virtual assistant leaving you the time you need to focus on the activities that you need to do personally.

While many people aren’t advertising the fact that they use a virtual assistant to help them in their business, know that it is happening. If you look hard enough, or start having the conversation you might be surprised to find out just how much a virtual assistant can do for you!

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If you could outsource anything in your network marketing biz, what would it be? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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